Custom Resin Bridal Flower Rings

All rings are custom designed locally by Catherine Fiehn personally. Many you know me as a wedding photographer. I started making these keepsakes a while back as surprise gifts to my brides and people kept asking where they got them!  Your actual bridal flowers are encapsulated in resin for a keepsake. You can wear it as a ring, or use it as a pendant or scarf ornament.  Rings are sizes 6-12  (Order larger if you want to for a pendant or scarf decorative.) Rings are chunky so I love mine as a pendant!  I only need a few petals of each of colors you would like represented. 

After your wedding (or even better before) take a few petals from your flowers and place them in a book between two pieces of wax paper, or parchment or plain white page in a pinch and place them between the pages of a book. Then when you get back from your honeymoon mail me the petals Protected in a small box. Include your ring size. Rings take 2-3 weeks due to curing time. 

If your flowers are already dried just mail me a few petals. If you had silks I can work with them but the same thing I just need one petal. Didn't save your actual flowers but love this? Perhaps get a bloom from your florist of the same sort you had.  Price is $29.99 plus $5.95 S&H and 6.35% CT Sales Tax the total cost is $35.94   Getting this for a gift? We can send you a lovely gift certificate card with instructions for your recipient. You will be instructed where to send the petals after payment. Sorry, but we can not process international orders.