All stage photos must be pre-ordered online for the 2021 season. If you have any issues you can call or text Catherine at 203-449-6697.  Due to Covid-19 we can not make/take any payments at the pageant!

No exceptions.

 Please note Couto pageant systems require us to use no flash or lighting during competition photos will be available light in this case. We may be taking an individual flash photo of each contestant at the end of the pageant so please keep this in mind for timing. If you would like an individual posed photo it is up to you to remain at the stage area after crowning and get in line to do so.  Due to the nature of pageants, we do not give refunds.

You must make the payment after you submit the form. The average delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the end of the pageant but may be longer during high volume pageant season.  Orders made during or after the pageant are subject to an administration fee.  


Base Pricing 

Past events (add $30 fee)

Couto Liberty Miss & Mr  $65+ fee 

Couto Miss New England $65+ fee

Couto Miss Us of America  $75+ fee

Magical Moments $75+fee

IUM North NY $75-fee

Sept 26-27 IUM New Jersey/South NY $75+fee

Oct 3  Little Miss Westie-$25+fee

Oct 4- Couto Liberty Miss $75+fee

IUM Internationals 2020 $175

Oct 10-11 IUM PA $75+fee 

Nov 8 Couto Yankee Miss $75 +fee

Feb 28 Magical Moments Charity Pageant and Magical Moments' Perfect Pageant $75+fee

Upcoming events 


Jan 16th IUM NC/SC $75

March 6th IUM DELMARVA $75

To book photogenics headshots Use this link for this event


Feb 28 Magical Moments Charity Pageant and Magical Moments' Perfect Pageant $75/$65 EB

April 17th Couto Miss New England $75/$65 EB 

April 25th  New England Perfect $75/$65 to order this event

4/10-11 Miss Connecticut (America) $125/$100EB  Use this link to order this event 

June 20 Couto - Miss Royal America $75/$65 EB

July 11-16 IUM Internationals $125/$100EB

AUG 7 & 8 -  - Miss U.S. of America $75/$65 EB

August 20-22 Magical Moments NJ -$95/$85 EB

NOV 7 Couto America's Yankee Miss $65/$55 EB

IMPORTANT: Deadline for payment is 24 hours prior to the pageant.  There is an additional $10 for ordering at the pageant and an additional $20 fee after crowning- 7 day post pageant. After editing photos are $30-50 additional. 

Earlybird (EB)special-Order 30 days prior to your event and enjoy a $10 discount! 

Mini-headshot session (camera ready)-$150  additional looks $100

30-50 images taken with watermarked proofs and one retouched digital image with printing release. Please specify the event in comments you will be contacted by text to set up your time at the event.

Outgoing Queen's Package $25 for 1-2 day pageant  $75 for weeklong pageants. Please select pageant note QUEEN in comment space.

Publicity RUSH service for one or two day pageants-  add $25 

Weeklong pageants- add $50

You will get one image from each event or and crowning within 4 hours after crowning 


 Pageant Stage Photo Order Form